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Two years ago, after moving back in with her parents in Ft.

Lauderdale in the wake of a bad breakup, the Millennial Miss blogger— who is now 26 and has her own place in Santa Monica— was returning to her folks’ home one morning, hungover, after a hookup the night before.“I was scrambling around looking for the key we hide outside, looking like a mess and reeking of alcohol, and my dad answered the door,” she recalls, laughing now. We just gave each other a look and I went to my room and jumped in the shower and hid out in my room.

Apparently I’m quite trendy: According to a recent report from the Pew Research Center, more and more single professionals are choosing to live with their parents.

For me, while finances are the main reason, the other perks are too good to ignore.

Ask about his timetable for living at homedoes he have a plan to leave? Helping to pay rent, buying groceries, cleaning, and cooking for his parents are all good signs.

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