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Whether it is for convenience, or practicality, or to drive a concept or an idea home, here are 40 things you probably don’t expect to find in a vending machine, but now can. Instant cup noodles aren’t the healthiest of snacks but if you still have a hankering for ramen or udon, this particular machine in Japan dispenses a hot bowl of these noodles complete with meat and veggies. You can also get your punctured tyre pumped or grab a quick snack. Grab items from branded sunglasses and scarfs to cameras and even Beats headphones. Now before you all get excited over the possibility of smoking pot easily, you need one thing to purchase the weed in this machine: a doctor’s prescription.

Today, with smartphones and social media, we all have in our hands the means to broadcast our pride and joy to the world.

And we are cultivating our children’s online selves from birth—or even before, in utero.

Turner, of Hollicondane Road, Ramsgate, appeared in court the day after the death of his wife, who has been ill for many years. Judge Simon James adjourned sentence until July and ordered the preparation of a probation report but told the pensioner that "all options" were available including an immediate jail sentence.

The Crown Prosecution Service is to review the importation charge and Turner did not enter a plea.

The person who thought of the vending machine is a genius for 2 simple reasons: you don’t need to hire personnel to man a vending machine like you would a store, and this keeps things in stock and available for the masses, 24/7. More commonly found in upper scale neighborhoods in LA. I said exact because you can’t return purchased jeans once they’re out of the machine. Forgetful parents who forget to pack their little one’s diapers (or any other essentials like pacifiers, baby wipes, lotion, powder, etc.) will consider this vending machine a lifesaver. The vending machine comes with security measures to prevent robbery, and money laundering.

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