dating latin mature photo woman - Liquidating of jewish ghettos

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The Polish uprising In August the non-Jewish citizens of Warsaw rose up against the Germans in what is now known as the Polish uprising.

Chief of the SS Economic and Administrative Main Office (Chef des SS-Wirtschafts-Verwaltungshauptamtes)1) I order that all Jews still remaining in ghettos in the Ostland area be collected in concentration camps.2) I prohibit the withdrawal of Jews from concentration camps for [outside] work from August 1, 1943.3) A concentration camp is to be built near Riga to which will be transferred the entire manufacture of clothing and equipment now operated by the Wehrmacht outside. The workshops are to be solely concentration camp workshops.

The Chief of the SS Economic and Administrative Main Office is requested to see to it that there will be no shortfall in the production required by the Wehrmacht as the result of this reorganization.4) Inmates of the Jewish ghettos who are not required are to be evacuated to the East.5) As many male Jews as possible are to be taken to the concentration camp in the oil-shale area for the mining of oil-shale.6) The date set for the reorganization of the concentration camps is August 1, 1943.

8,000 Jews deemed able to work were transported to the Plaszow labour camp.

Those who were considered unfit for work – some 2,000 Jews – were murdered in the streets of the Ghetto or sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau.

But after the intervention of the German army and German civilian authorities that employed Jewish labor in war­economy enterprises, it was decided that the liquidation of the Bialystok ghetto would be postponed.

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