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8-14 yaş arası daha büyük kız çocuklar rahat jarse elbiseler, dar kesim jeanler ve bol yelekler arasından seçim yapabilirler.

Erkek çocuklar için 1½-10 yaş arası erkek çocuklar, yaprak desenleri, dinozor baskıları ve deniz temalı tasarımlardan oluşan seçkimizi keşfedebilirler.

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I also used it to seal my Kitchen Island that I painted in Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint. Too much “Old White” in the mix and not enough of the “Pure White”. We will be installing my farmhouse sink ( Christmas Home Tour 2014 Keep an eye out for that too! We also added a false wall to the ends of the cabinet to create the decorative edge you see there with the fluting, etc. We did a quick little kitchen cabinet makeover when we moved in 9 1/2 years ago thinking we would replace these at a later date. (well, today anyway ;) ) We had to do a little more handiwork to get the refrigerator to fit into the cabinets when we moved in.

I knew it would drive me crazy so I removed all the doors, etc, and repainted them in a “whiter” blend immediately. (removed and made that cabinet smaller where the shelves now are) We originally kept one side open (the door for that side no longer fit) and left one door in place.

(as you can see along the “whiter” edge in the picture below) And that’s the great thing about Chalk Paint®…sanding, I just went right to it. When I repainted this time I decided to remove the remaining door and create open shelves.

**EDITED to add— I used approximately 3/4 Pure to 1/4 white.** Thank goodness, right? (as seen in photo further down) I love it this way…love being able to showcase my blue Mason jars.

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