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Cavatina exploits the liga, calt and gsub rules in Opentype.

[ Fonts by Dick Pape based on American Popular Song Sheet Covers: Music Covers-1890, Music_Covers-1891, Music Song Covers - 1899a, Music Song Covers - 1899b, Music Song Covers-1899c, Music Covers 1901-1909, Music_Covers-1910-11. [ Letterer, illustrator, art director and designer in Los Angeles (was: New York City).

Creator of Octave (2011): Octave has been created with the intention of fusing together the graphical elements of written musical composition with the English alphabet.

In 2012, she created the tall high contrast fashion typeface Kilimanjaro.

And this year, writer, director and producer Graham Linehan, who lives in Norwich, and television chief Sir Peter Bazalgette, who is responsible for Deal or No Deal and Big Brother, will be among the university’s honorary doctorates.

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