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Million Dollar Matchmaker Patti Stanger holds nothing back when she joins Anna and Sim this week.

Of the two, "The Stone Witch" is both more ambitious and more flawed.

According to promotional material, the play has had six readings, five with Hirsch participating, and Bitterman, now on his sixth play with director Steve Zuckerman, has continually rewritten the script.

Some official* rules: I'd like to avoid expensive things, and I'm not doing anything that involves public nudity or anything illegal. Leave your suggestions and ideas in the comments (and tweet them to me with #Smitten Challenge) and next week I'll debut the final lineup.

Then, each time I complete a task I'll write about the experience and tell you how it went.

Two new 90-minute, one-act plays with contemporary settings and starring famous TV and film actors received world premieres on Saturday in the Berkshires: Shem Bitterman's "The Stone Witch," with Judd Hirsch ("Taxi," "Ordinary People," the new "Independence Day: Resurgence") at Berkshire Theatre Group in Stockbridge, and Boo Killbrew's "Romance Novels for Dummies" with Justin Long (more than 60 movies, the Mac-vs.-PC commercials) at Williamstown Theatre Festival in Williamstown.

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