who is deena cotrese dating - Jimmy kimmel dating coworker

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Every talk show host on TV is no doubt sweating a few bullets hoping their past workplace dalliances stay in the closet – or, like Jimmy, they’re going to be proactive and go with the full disclosure PR plan.

It’s probably not a bad idea, although this situation is a little different since both parties are single.

We started dating soon after what I thought was her official breakup with her ex-boyfriend.

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I told her I don't want to date her anymore, and she suggested that we just have a sexual relationship. Strap on your track shoes and get (and stay) away from this one-woman wrecking ball.

I declined, and now she's telling people I abused her. Her suggestion that you two should segue from an emotional relationship into a sex-only relationship seems to violate your own values and standards.

Of course, Jimmy isn’t immune to being tempted by other women – he was married when he met former girlfriend Sarah Silverman.

Hillary Clinton was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, so of course he had her read some outrageous Donald Trump quotes while trying to keep a straight face.

Jimmy Kimmel invited presidential hopeful Donald Trump onto his show on Wednesday, December 16 — and gave the real-estate magnate a grilling on his controversial immigration and anti-Muslim views.

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