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We’ve never even done anything than people who are more than friends might do.

Sure, we had intermittent crushes on one another in early high school, but this is difficult to avoid when you’re awkward, pubescent, and someone you’re not repulsed by is being nice to you.

Now, I can bend that finger a little but it’s useless in terms of playing guitar.

Yeah, it’s pretty fucking funny – I’ve done that thing where you read a hideous newspaper and go, ‘I can’t believe that people fucking believe the shit they write about me!

Broken fingers and a fifth album - we chat to The Kills' Guitarist about the duo's new sound and the lack of privacy that comes from marrying a certain supermodel. You and Alison [Mosshart] decided to base yourselves in LA to write. It’s funny, we spend so much time touring, absorbing all these vibrant cities, meeting up with friends and partying after gigs, but whenever we’ve recorded, we would lock ourselves away and starve ourselves of all that.

GQ: We heard Ash & Ice may not have happened due to a slight digital mishap. Jamie Hince: Oh my god – I had a problem with my left hand locking up, because I was touring so much. This time, we wanted to live our lives normally and invite some chaotic opportunity that wasn’t so formal.

But even that hasn’t been the case for years, and yet it’s something that a lot of people (including, rather problematically, his ex-girlfriend) have apparently had trouble reconciling, probably because they’ve seen too many movies based on Nicholas Sparks novels.

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