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Friends, philosophical rivals and motivational and inspirational speakers Jamie “Chaimie” Elman and Eli “Leizer” Batalion, co-creators of the world’s first 18 (Chai and older) Yiddish web series, discuss age-old issues of religious practice versus cultural identity with some "friendly" disagreements.

Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion are lifelong performers, actors, writers, producers and musicians, occasional Jewish educators and sometimes friends.

Jamie: Good afternoon, we’re Jamie and Eli, we’re the co-creators of the world’s first 18 and over or, as we like to say, Chai Yiddish web series, Yid Life Crisis. We also studied the Yiddish language at Bialik High School, one of the few institutions in Montreal that were preserving the Yiddish language, including a world-renowned Yiddish theatre as well as the Jewish Public Library.

Eli: Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to start in true Jewish fashion, with a question: By show of hands, how many people here fast on Yom Kippur? I’d like to pose a follow up question to those of you who just raised your hands: How many of you who fast on Yom Kippur also brush your teeth on Yom Kippur, or chew gum, mouthwash, breath mints for the synagogue breath in the middle of the afternoon on the day? Notwithstanding this, after graduating high school, Jamie and I would go on to entirely different worlds and careers in media and entertainment, making movies, television, theatre, music, and of course, mishigas.

After racking up numerous credits individually, the two native Montrealers came together to explore Jewish, religious and cultural identity while paying tribute to their Jewish comic heritage in the world’s first modern Yiddish online sitcom, Yid Life Crisis. This variety of responses is very interesting and will help illustrate the point of today’s talk, which is, what exactly is a Yid Life Crisis? Jamie and I grew up in Montreal, in a tight-knit traditional Jewish community.

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