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Author Notes: I'm astounded by the resonse Butterfly has received - so thanks so much for reading and reviewing! His ruffled his hair, and said in an amused voice, "So, ah, what do we do now? "That just sounded awfully strange."Parvati's brain jammed. No go away and harass someone else."The boy from Beauxbatons sneered as the amount of couples on the dance floor seemed to double, and the three of them found that they were quite invisible.'Luc', as Pavarti had called him, grabbed Parvati's wrists, yanking her towards him."Nobody turns down ," he leered, pulling her closer, and in doing so, broke one of the golden bangles that had been dangling from her arms.This is an unbeta'd, now complete, AU fic that continues past GOF. "Parvati giggled again, and quickly noticed the pained expression that had darted across her partner's face. Harry, outraged at what was happening, deftly kicked the French boy in the back of his knee, making him double over in pain. He placed a consoling hand on her shoulder."Are you alright? First, the Heroes: That's (in alphabetical order): Rupert Boneham, James Clement, Colby Donaldson, Cirie Fields, Amanda Kimmel, Jessica ‘Sugar’ Kiper, Stephenie Lagrossa, James “J. Now, for the Villians: Ostensibly led by Survivor: Samoas Ultimate Whiner, Russell Hantz, the cast of Villians also include Tyson Apostol, Randy Bailey, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Danielle Dilorenzo, Jerri Manthey, Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano, Parvati Shallow, Ben “Coach” Wade, and Courtney Yates.

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Please be cautious when reading this fic as it contains issues that may be offensive or confronting in later chapters. "It's a deal."Harry rose from his seat (Parvati was already standing) and did something his partner didn't expect him to do; he bent down slightly, offered his arm and said in a most regal voice, "May I have this dance? "You may, kind sir," she replied, and took the offered hand as Harry led them out to the dance floor.

Warnings are placed at the beginning of each chapter when required. Parvati wasn't going to let those bright green eyes tempt her to agree. And besides," she added in a lower voice, nodding towards the surly Ron and the miffed Padma, "I don't want to be around those two for much longer."Casting a look towards them, Harry relented. Once on the crowded floor, Harry dropped the pretence of someone confident. "Yeah, like that."Suddenly, a tall, slender blonde boy wearing smart dress robes walked up to the two Gryffindor's."Parvati," he greeted with a French accent, completely ignoring Harry, "Look, seence your partner can't even dance…are you quite sure you do not want to dance with moi instead? "Yes, I'm quite sure, Luc, that I do want to dance with you.

Already canonized as one of the better players and most distinct characters of all time, she then returned in Heroes vs.

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