Is lil wayne dating

by  |  10-Dec-2019 14:08

Even weirder, the main overarching theme of Drake's seems to be the stresses and travails of fame, even if he recorded the damn thing when he wasn't famous in any meaningful way.

It occasionally makes sense for children to drop out of school, but only like 0.000000001% of a time. He had his first child, his only daughter, Reginae with his first love Antonia “Toya” Wright.

Most kids don’t end up with a lucrative recording contract.

A photo of Nicki Minaj allegedly "visiting Weezy in hospital" fuelled the rumors on social media and fans quickly responded with hashtags including #Pray For Weezy.

It was reported that Wayne, 31, had contracted the disease from a stripper.

Media reports also claimed the Young Money rapper's long-term addiction to Sizzurp - a concoction of cough medicine and alcohol - contributed to the seizure.

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