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Maybe this is Havok's way of highlighting the brand-obsessed youth of today and the commercialised culture that dominates the LA scene, but it becomes particularly wearing as the novel plays on.

His wife is an ice queen and his career is falling apart before his eyes. He is both pampered and neglected by his jealous, philandering partner, Davey.

Nils retired from his successful modeling career too early when he became the trophy-husband of a high-powered music industry executive.

The Puget family are looking to add a new member to the family this year. But it's an explanation.**Real-world Javey, extrapolated from lyrics and photo timelines and tours dates. After taking a sociology class, he deals with night-terrors and flashbacks that threaten to rule this life. Enter Jade Puget, the sociology major and all around good person, with a surprisingly dark history of his own. The guy running the please made a promise to never let you get adopted.

Within the walls of an old orphanage they find a boy by the name of Davey. With all the things standing between "Davey" and "normal", can they forge a relationship? You never will Sorry this is my first ever fan fiction hope its worth reading Our boys have fun on the tour bus.

The ability to critically analyse, as mentioned by previous reviewers, also extends to your ability to recognise that a book you're reading is littered with misspellings and poor grammar, which this one is.

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