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Here are the new dates: 11/03/2017: Berlin, Germany 11/04/2017: Oberhausen, Germany 11/05/2017: Luxembourg, Luxembourg 11/07/2017: Tilburg, Netherlands 11/09/2017: Padua, Italy 11/10/2017: Naples, Italy 11/12/2017: Turin, Italy 11/13/2017: Bologna, Italy 11/15/2017: Marseille, France 11/16/2017: Nancy, France Tickets and VIPs on sale this Friday Tokio Hotel viennent d’ajouter 10 nouvelles dates européennes à leur tournée ‘Dream Machine’!

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Maike Kohl-Richter, the former chancellor's second wife, wanted only foreign dignitaries to speak during the ceremony, according to the weekly magazine Spiegel.

Among them is Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, one of the last public figures to hold talks with Kohl, and who is a strident critic of Merkel's refugee policy.

The value of the G20 summit was called into question given the high costs expected for damage on top of organisation expenses, put at €130 million.

Mrs Merkel steered the G20 to a common statement on the importance of curbing greenhouse gas emissions — while recognising the US was withdrawing from…

Angela Merkel was criticised yesterday over a G20 summit marred by three nights of violence as her hard-won show of near-unity among world leaders began to unravel.

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