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That's generally understandable since a large portion of the Southeast Asian population are refugees and therefore were not voluntary immigrants like all other Asian groups.

Conventional immigrants usually self-select in terms of English proficiency while for refugees, immigration is more a matter of personal survival.

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In fact, Cambodians, Hmong, and Laotians have the highest rates of having Less than a High School education (Japanese have the smallest) and the lowest rates of having either a College Degree or an Advanced Degree.

Regarding educational attainment, Asian Indians have the highest rates -- an astounding 64.4% have college degrees while 12.5% have an advanced degree (a law, medical, or doctorate degree).

It should be apparent by now that Asian Indians tend to have the highest socioeconomic attainment rates of all Asian Americans and that conversely, Cambodians, Hmong, and Laotians tend to have the lowest.

For example, Asian Indians are tied for the highest Median Personal Income with Japanese (with Latinos the lowest, barely below Native Americans).

This image of PHS from above (with old municipal boundaries pre-dating the January 1, 2013, consolidation of Princeton highlighted) predates the 2000s construction.

Interracial dating statistics high school

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