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Since then we have helped thousands of travelers, received a few awards and honors... Read More Whether we are talking about beaches, attractions, bars, shopping, or night clubs, we always have first-hand impressions to share.

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This accusation has popped up on the Internet in recent days – both from Israel’s supporters and from Israel’s detractors. I cannot state this more clearly: I vehemently oppose the BDS movement, which too often is used as a pernicious vehicle for anti-Semitism; I would never support it, and I signed on to the Israel Anti-Boycott Act in order to push back against this effort to make Israel – and Israel alone – a pariah… When I am defending my constituents’ right to protest Israel, it doesn’t mean I agree with what they’re saying.” [Forward] THE OTHER SENATOR FROM NEW YORK…

“On Israel, Trump Administration Welcomes A New Ally: Chuck Schumer” by Curt Mills: “Seeing a rare opportunity for bipartisanship, the White House is welcoming co-sponsorship by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of legislation that would cut funding to the Palestinian Authority until it “has terminated payments for acts of terrorism.” …

Single, attached, looking to explore, or just curious to discover what's out there — Ashley Madison is the most open-minded dating community in the world. We will never ask you to log in using a public social network account, and we have several features designed to help you keep your private life private—whatever your reasons. For even more discretion, you can mark photos as private and only share those with members who catch your eye.

You don't need to link your Ashley Madison account to any other social network. Instead use a private email address (for even more discretion, we recommend using a unique email just for this account). We know sometimes it can be daunting to see an inbox full of messages.

I, and everyone I know, are sick of hearing about Levi Johnston. He isn't that cute..only reason any girls look at him is because of all the attention he is getting. Please, get him off the air before we all throw up!

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