Insfficient key column information for updating or refreshing

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It is an independently instantiable OLE DB rowset object, implementing all of the required rowset interfaces, many of the most interesting optional interfaces, and several unique interfaces that might make their way into future versions of the OLE DB specification.An understanding of optimistic remote updating and its implementation in the Client Cursor Engine will help developers gain some useful insights into the actual updating results in any given real-life situation.Likewise, customers can use information about the update process in the CCE to help them better design their own projects for efficient updatability.

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Greg Smith March 1999 The Client Cursor Engine, or CCE, is an OLE DB (COM) rowset implementation that ships with ADO/RDS and OLE DB.

It is the heart of the client-side cursor in ADO, a crucial piece of the remoting infrastructure in RDS, and the core object in the OLE DB Cursor Service.

It is also the rowset implementation integrated into the Data Shaping Service for OLE DB.

The root mission of the CCE is to be the premier lightweight, remotable cache for client-size structured data chunks, providing fast and rich scrolling, sorting, filtering, shaping, and updating.

So the query instead became: I don't think you need the final "WHERE" clause.

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