I dont believe in traditional dating

by  |  11-Sep-2019 22:02

We figured this out by first selecting a number of questions from our database that focus on socially imposed standards on dating, and beyond. Here’s what we found: To start, we discovered that only 20% of single women on Ok Cupid today believe that men should be the heads of their households. Additionally, single women are feeling way less obligated to maintain social standards of beauty, too.

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But what we found most compelling, particularly when studying women’s confidence in the dating space, is that women on Ok Cupid today are about 15% more likely to ask someone they like a lot out on a date than women a decade ago — and they don’t need an app that forces them to do it, either.

It used to be that men were expected to make the first move, but more and more women every year decide to take matters into their own hands — and that pays off.

In fact, the marriage rate for women currently in their early 30s is close to zero.

By the time women born in the 40s reached the age of 23, only 25 percent of them remained unmarried. “Many Millennials were raised with rising divorce rates and broken homes, so they're far less likely to buy into marriage as the only or best form of relationship for themselves.

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