How to stop twitter updating facebook status Chat vivo es adult

by  |  23-Sep-2019 14:30

Twitter clients - Once you've set up either of the above Facebook apps to pipe Twitter into Facebook, you can of course use any desktop or mobile Twitter client to continue updating your Facebook status as well.

Here's how to make your status updates and reviews on Goodreads automatically appear on Twitter: 1. You might be asked to sign into your Twitter account so please enable popups in your browser.

Fire Status can also handle updates to Twitter, Friend Feed, Delicious and as well, making it a handy method for updating any of those services if you're already in your browser.

Twitter to Facebook - This Facebook app simply sends all your Twitter updates right into Facebook as status updates with one important exception: @reply tweets will not appear.

Alternatively, you can import the RSS into your Facebook Notes application, instead.

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