Hiv positve dating

by  |  03-Dec-2019 16:13

I sometimes think about him and hope he’s doing okay.

I had to answer the question I am asked over and over again. Many of my friends thought that you should let the person get to know you first before launching into your medical history. Being HIV positive isn’t the same as having a beast of a mother or being a Log Cabin Republican.

After all, you don’t disclose all of the dirty details of your life on a first date, what makes your status any different. Those dirty details are the layers of who you are as a person and they are revealed as a relationship develops.

Grindr and other dating apps seem to be the place social decorum goes to die.

But even behind the callousness that comes with Internet anonymity there is a darker, much more malignant sect of users who verbally abuse people.

Your status isn’t a part of your character; it is a matter of logistics.

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