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Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) – July 10, 2015 PRAGUE — With a long elegant skirt, white large-tapered-sleeves blouse, well-decorated vest and a small apron, the Kroje shows its beauty to everyone who fixes his eyes on it.The Kroje is generally an unpopular style since the late 19thcentury.In the Liberec region, three schools in particular have been essential in upholding this proud craft and jewellery tradition: the Secondary School and College in Jablonec nad Nisou, Zelezny Brod Glass School and the Technical University of Liberec - Jewellery & Jewelery (studio).

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The film features a conflict between a powerless Harlequin and a powerful Hand. He is commanded by The Hand to make only sculptures of Hand but Harlequin decides to resist the Hand as he wishes to make ceramic pots for his flowers.

The Hand tries to change his mind by threatening him, manipulating him or making him troubles.

It is also finished jewellery products designed in line with the latest fashion and design trends.

This exhibition and its curatorial selection aims to present the up-to-date trends in Czech fashion jewellery, ranging from traditional designs through contemporary trends to visions represented by a selection of winning designs of the Master of Crystal competition.

Fashion jewellery from Bohemia has always been a synonym of quality and has managed to satisfy the tastes of customers from all corners of the world.

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