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We know Chuck and Blair had a kid, and Dan and Serena got hitched.

The former Gossip Girl TV series actor Ed Westwick is an English actor and Musician.

The couple have been living it up in Italy for the past week, and we’re all secretly wishing that we too had someone to frolic through Europe with.

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She had her off-screen romance with on-screen boyfriend Dan/Penn Badgley, now it's Blair/Leighton's turn, right? In addition, we can totally see an Ed Westwick attraction to a similarly-petite, good-looking brunette. Furthermore, of course, OF COURSE, Blair's off-screen personhood would be the one to swoop in on the misunderstood Vanessa's ex-boyfriend.

It's not the girl who broke his heart, but similar... In fact, we wouldn't doubt for a minute that it was Leighton posing as one of the "concerned friends" who spilled the beans about Jessica's flirtatious ways.

Regardless, we definitely think they make a sexy couple, and we hope that Italy treated them well.

Westick’s audition is similarly illuminating: He nails the part of the slimy, perpetually whispering Chuck Bass.

Serfaty captioned the photo by saying that it was , she was swoon.

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