Chatrandom jak chatovat volne girls - Going dutch while dating

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But even then, I would’ve never considered telling him “you pay for your own food”, nor would he have asked me to do it either (and never has). To each their own, but I can’t think of any good to come out of a practice like this.When I go out with my girlfriends or even some family members, we’ll split the bill and pay for our respective meals. Now, hubby and I do each have a separate bank account, but just about all of our money goes into our joint account.

And as long as I am on the market, I will never, ever pay for a first day–ever!

My feelings are that a woman has to have standards and boundaries.

The guy in the shop was expressing his frustration about girls these days that he was dating, and how they expected him to always pay for everything (and never offer to share the expense).

So to avoid all of that, he and his dates choose to split the bill down the middle when they go out.

While it's always fun to be treated by anyone, date or friend, for many, splitting the bill on a date just seems like the "right" thing to do. Before I give anymore away, here's what the ladies had to say about splitting the bill.

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