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Should I go with tradition and leave it to the chap to pick up the tab? If I didn’t, would I look like some gold-digging prima donna?

This minefield of social etiquette comes up regularly on the Christian Connection discussion boards and my own Facebook page. ‘A true gentleman will always pay on a first date,’ is an opinion widely held by both men and women.

Once I saw my date, however, all desire to vomit disappeared and was replaced by an overwhelming urge to disrobe him.

Unfortunately for my best friend, that’s pretty much exactly what happened between the dessert course and the arrival of the check.

Fortunately for me, the object of my unrestrained lust now shares an apartment and a dog with me.

But even two years of cohabitation later, some of my friends still write off the beginning of my relationship as a fluke.

Historically, dating as an institution is a relatively new phenomenon.

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