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If you are a crafty foreigner out to lure Haridwar's sages out of their renunciation with your stash of booze and drugs, or among the gullible ones who can be mislead into marriages by scheming sadhus, you are no longer welcome at the holy city's akharas during the 2013 Kumbh Mela, thank you very much.

'We have noticed in recent years how foreigners try to pollute the atmosphere at akharas by bringing in drugs and liquor to tempt the sadhus. It is in the wake of such incidents that the verdict was arrived at, with the support of most of the sadhus of the akhara,' Mahant Prem Giri, general secretary of Juna Akhara, said.

This is the reason that we decided to curb opportunities for their interaction at the akhara,' Mahant Parshuram Giri, one of the sadhus at Juna Akhara, said.

He recalled one particular instance involving sadhu Narayan Giri, of Juna Akhara, who duped many a woman in his day.

Besides the import of hedonism, the sages are also worried about the antics of some of their fellows who lure woman tourists that visit the akharas - seeking peace, salvation and spirituality - into sham marriages.

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