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"You can tell Jesus that the bitch is back." -Georgina, The Wrath of Con Georgina Sparks is a recurring character in the Gossip Girl novels and in the television series of the same name. Also a member of Upper East Side society, Georgina is known for being even more rebellious than Serena and often involves herself in dangerous and crazy situations.

Georgina is an old frenemy of Serena van der Woodsen's.

Burlesque dancer Georgina Baillie described how the comic imitated Andrew Sachs' character Manuel.

Ex-Satanic Slut Georgina Baillie, the girl at the centre of Manuelgate, is now venturing back into the limelight with her band Maria Maria and an appearance on Living's How did you get involved in the show? I was single at the time and I just thought, 'What an interesting way to meet someone'. I like being wined and dined like any other girl."What sort of man were you hoping to find on the show? I have been in the past quite shallow and narrow minded in that respect.

I had watched the series before and I was really, really intrigued. "If it's a good date, yes, but if it's a bad date, it's one of the worst things in the world, isn't it? I have always gone for alternative looking and rock guys with long hair and a couple of tattoos. To have that exterior completely taken away was really interesting. I've hopped into bed with guys after one date and I think I've learned my lesson.

But I never thought he'd use it to cause such a lot of damage.' All tied up: The grandaughter of Andrew Sachs is restrained by a leather leash around her neck'He seemed obsessed by the idea that he was close to Manuel's granddaughter.

'It was only a coincidence that he found out because Fawlty Towers came on his telly when we were together,' she told The Sun.

In the series finale, New York, I Love You XOXO, it's revealed she has begun dating Jack Bass.

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