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Though until I can make my own game though I wish someone made a vk game to where u can make your own character I'll try to get into Eiri's character in the game.

A robust set of frameworks, libraries, native extensions which have been developed by Adobe as well as the community.

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I've been waiting for this game since you first announced you were making it and I hope we get to see the finished product very soon!!

I have been keeping an eye out on the updates for this game and I'm so excited to play it! I don't want to put any pressure on you but I can't wait to play ^_^ You're awesome!!

Area-X is a blend between Visual Novel and Adventure Game. 9.99$ would be a better price and it would sell way more especially if you port it to mobile phones. The areas to explore were extremely limited even for a demo.

Follow the story of Elcia as she time travels and solve mysteries of her surroundings. There were no males in this games they all were female except the girl with black hair father from the present time. I have seen free games like this with twice more areas to explore.

Their prime seeking younger men to be more attractive to the modern.

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