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This really makes it a very personal experience when your best friend may be your biggest fan, and there is no corporate entity in the middle.In fact, the furry art industry has become quite big in recent years.Data collected online (ref Furrypoll) and data collected at large conventions (ref IARP) show this trend: online we’re (around) 80% male; at conventions we’re (around) 90% male.

We looked at the numbers last year and estimated that about 16% of furries—1 in 6—are women who may be interested in a relationship with a guy.

And many of those will already be in a relationship, or otherwise not available.

"It keeps going, it keeps going," she said at a San Diego news conference. Days after her son was shot and killed by El Cajon police, Pamela Benge told reporters Thursday that she was praying for the deaths of unarmed black men to come to an end.

"It keeps going, it keeps going," she said at a San Diego news conference. (Sarah Parvini)“Killing is against everything our little fan group is for,” said the post, later adding, “I think it really is the worst thing that ever happened with ties to this community.”Prosecutors said two men, Joshua Acosta and Frank Felix, entered a home early Saturday and fatally shot Jennifer Goodwill Yost, 39; her husband, Christopher Yost, 34; and their friend, Arthur William Boucher, 28.

The bay area was ground zero for this explosion of fur.

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