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Where can i check if live chat is set to offline from visitor side? Your screen has made after done click on the widget so have no sense but in department you can see are not offline and are online (when a dep is oggline -=-offline =- is added near the name of the department and the department are in red; in your screenshot seems to be online). Support are limited and I cannot teach you how LHC fully works.

Visitor enters here to request a new chat: Operator accepts the chat request, visitor and Operator will be chating in this window here: you can see there are no options to determine if live chat is offline for visitor. If your live chat is online is normal that user can start a chat. You have to check all department settings and see if you have not set automated online working hours, also be sure all operator are offline than chat should be offline and visitor cannot start a chat if leave message is enabled from settings.

I'm wondering if this is a expected behaviour... As you can see in the can see when chat is online or not as widget say if chat is online or not.

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Free chat request

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