Foolishness with i kissed dating goodbye

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Joshua Harris is an American pastor and author, and this book is perhaps the most well known. This is one of my favourite chapters, as it is a great reminder that love is sometimes blind, and we have to be more objective than delusional in a relationship.

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Two individuals on twitter tweeted about not being able to go to the prom because of evangelical purity teachings, and when one referenced the role Harris played in that, Harris tweeted back that he was “Sorry about that.” This, frankly, is the beauty and magic of twitter, the way it can bring people into contact.

The way Harris chose to respond was, of course, all him.

We’re still healing from the bitterness towards purity culture (among many other things).

The book, combined with the permeation of purity culture into Evangelical Churches did a number on us in our journey to marriage. My husband and I made the decision to stop going to church about a year into our marriage and we questioned if we even wanted to be Christians.

Several years ago, even conservative evangelical World Magazine published an article critical of the impact Harris’s seminal book has had on the relationship culture of an entire generation of evangelical young people. It has been nearly two decades since he published his book, and in that time he has married, had children, pastored a church, and weathered a denomination sex abuse scandal that threatened to take his congregation down with it.

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