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It’s not often that getting shot in the hip is only the second-worst setback an artist faces while making an album, but unlike Compton’s soldier of the streets, YG, most artists aren’t calling out a presidential nominee. The version that exists on the final album has certain lines omitted (“Surprised El Chapo ain’t try to snipe you”), leaving awkward pauses in their place. Back home, he says it’s the norm to be seemingly profiled in this way, which is why he and Nipsey Hussle were originally hesitant to go up against Trump.

rapper Nipsey Hussle became two of the first artists to channel their fury over Donald Trump’s bigotry, releasing the no-holds-barred protest song “Fuck Donald Trump.” It became the second single from Still Brazy, the sophomore follow-up to YG’s formative 2014 debut, released on Apple Music on Wednesday. A.’s vicious gang culture — YG has been credited for bringing the Piru vernacular of replacing C’s with B’s to the mainstream — going to war with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee at the height of the election season came at a cost: When YG and Hussle attempted to stage a peaceful rally for the song’s video shoot, the LAPD shut them down (footage from the confrontation now opens the video) — and that interruption proved to be just the beginning of YG vs. YG had initially thought to abandon the song for that reason, but was swayed by the album’s executive producer Steve-O Carless to keep it no matter what. Mac Miller’s show got canceled, too, and he’s white.

How about this for arrogant: the South is the Real America? Who do you think those wig-wearing, lacy-shirt-sporting revolutionaries were? You and your Southern values can bite my ass because the blue states got the values over you fucking Real Americans every day of the goddamn week.

"Let the Spanish keep it; it's a shithole," we said, but you had to have your fucking orange juice. It's not your money, assholes, it's fucking our money.

1/ Congressional investigators want to question Trump’s personal secretary as part of their ongoing probe into the meeting between Trump Jr. Rhona Graff worked at Trump Tower for nearly 30 years.

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