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When I was a senior Naval officer I was constantly thinking strategically about world defense, security and the global economy.

Now that my work is focused locally, I’ve had to find other ways to connect more broadly – with organizations like World Class Cities Partnership.

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The agenda for the meeting: Levinsohn was going to brief the directors on his plan for Yahoo, should he be named permanent CEO.

Levinsohn walked into the room; all of his top executives followed.

There was chief financial officer Tim Morse, who’d just completed a critical, company-saving deal to sell a portion of Yahoo subsidiary Alibaba. veteran whom Levinsohn had hired to run Yahoo’s media business.

And there was Mollie Spillman, whom he’d just made CMO.

Davis, who likens her services to an executive recruiter, only accepts clients who are emotionally healthy, with realistic expectations about what they’re looking for in a relationship and what they have to offer.

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