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The reason I do it is simple: I believe my life to be so fabulous that it can’t possibly be contained in six images.It also helps with the eventual social media stalking that happens.

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This President’s Day Weekend, I was in Nashville for my cousin’s bachelorette party and used the opportunity to really lean into some of the traditions this occasion calls for — traditions I’d usually scoff at.

The pinnacle of the weekend was when I stood on the balcony of the Honky Tonk Central on Broadway and shot tequila out of a penis-shaped water gun onto pedestrians on the sidewalk, slurring at them that “now they know what straight women feel like.” (That got a lot of laughs.) Oh, and I posted the entire thing to my Instagram stories.

This is because women, through time, have always been viewed as…

View Article Eharmony In 2007 e Harmony was faced with four options concerning the future of the company; defending their superior position, opening up the site to casual daters, starting a new business venture, or geographic expansion.

In fact, I have (at last count) seven men in my Instagram followers who fall into this category.

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