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Bernard Memorial High School were part of the grand and, lately, seemingly desperate quest to save the ancient language of the Mi’kmaq people.

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She didn’t know because she, like many children of her time, grew up in a home, filled with her extended family, where English wasn’t spoken.

And the few English words she had learned before going to the English-speaking-only school were taught to her by her mother, who didn’t explain their meaning.

That’s when I knew I wanted to take everything I was learning back to Eskasoni.” The second discovery was the lack of current research on what needs to be done to improve the health status of aboriginal people.

“I’d be working on a project and have a really hard time finding up-to-date, peer-reviewed articles on aboriginal health-care issues,” Francis explains.

“When I started university, I already knew aboriginal people had higher rates of diabetes and heart disease.

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