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Mark is a social anthropologist with broad interests in cultural history and the history of ideas.

His research with Tibetan communities is predominantly focused on interpreting transformations in contemporary visual culture, particularly in the north-eastern region of Amdo.

Your marriage and your friendship take precedence over any “female” friend (or whatever). This is a relationship at the very least and definitely wrong for a married man to participate in. Please contact AACC for a referral to a counseling professional in your area.

He is destroying the trust, intimacy and commitment in your marriage. If he refuses to go to counseling with you, ask him to see your pastor about this.

We have had our share of problems through the years and have always managed to work them out up until now.

I have become depressed and I feel unimportant to him. He tells me he hates jealousy and that I should trust him, but it is hard not to feel that way when he spends so much time with her. Your husband has stepped over boundary lines in your marriage. Marriage is for two people, husband and wife, with no one else between you.

Jiang Mengna, right, broadcasts a live stream to viewers from Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College in Zhejiang province.

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