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I mean, have you see how addicted he is to Maki in Hana Kimi?;3 Hehes, it was so cute of Toma to have such a cute personality in that drama. 8D then pairing of yamapi and aragaki yui in code blue is also adorable. not jun, hes too ugly for her xd ugh producers made a big mistake when they chose her and jun.

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Although the protags’ age difference might have lended itself to a more off-color depiction, pink-film veteran Ryuichi Hiroki avoids lurid May-September cliches: Steeped in the tranquil beauty of the Japanese countryside, and unabashedly nostalgic for traditional ways of courtship, the film is wholesome and mellow, but may leave viewers yearning for a more sensual touch.

Still, it’s a beguiling, seamlessly executed package that should find decent exposure in Asian markets and audience-friendly festivals.

There would be a classic love story for everyone to follow when falling.

A heart is filled with loving, missing, aching feel, and eventually wanting to rush to tell that you love, feeling fears for possible breakup of a friendship if there may be.

But i decided to have faith in the drama for once — that at least one of the three girls would make the right decision and end up with a worthy guy — largely because it put me in an utter bliss.

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