Effective communication involves validating

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The party communicating the initial message can ask the receiver of the message to restate it to ensure it was received and understood.

The receiving party can practice effective listening techniques to ensure they receive the message correctly.

The processes within a compliance program are discussed in more detail below and are offered as a model of best practices.

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A compliance program, like any other program, is administered through its processes.

Beyond a supportive philosophy, the effectiveness of a compliance program is dependent upon processes within the program.

Serious issues are best delivered in a serious tone, but with regard to the known or potential reaction of the listener.

The reaction of the listener to both good or bad news can be directly controlled by the speaker, as long as the word choice and delivery are carefully considered.

“A two way information sharing process which involves one party sending a message that is easily understood by the receiving party.” A closer look at the components of this definition is where the discussion gets interesting.

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