Drugs alcohol dating violence

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Understanding some of the theories that have been advanced to explain the substance-violence relationship can, however, help advocates design interventions that can increase women’s safety and help men choose non-violence.

Most importantly, domestic violence and substance abuse should be understood and treated as independent problems: “[T]he reduction of one problem to the familiar language and interventions of the other problem is ill-advised.” At the same time, because the relationship between substance abuse and domestic violence is complex, institutions that address these problems together must be capable of managing their complexity.

Several lines of evidence suggest that substance use/abuse plays a facilitative role in IPV by precipitating or exacerbating violence.

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It is unclear if the mental health problems analyzed were a result of or trigger for dating violence.

Findings from the study suggest the emergency department is an important location in identifying if youth have dating violence.

Alcohol and illegal drug abuse have long been connected to violence in romantic and non-romantic relationships.

New research from the University’s Injury Center adds prescription drug abuse to the mix, drawing a connection between dating violence in youth and abuse of prescription sedatives and opioids.

Substance abuse and high-risk alcohol use/abuse are more prevalent among women who experience IPV compared to a cohort with no IPV experience.

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