Draw down the moon dating agency

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The Short Version: Since 1984, Drawing Down the Moon, a premium matchmaking company, has paired up tens of thousands of thoughtful singles in the UK.

The bespoke match system relies on human intuition, not algorithms, to match up relationship-oriented singles.

And it never ceases to amaze me how many apparent “catches” have trouble finding Mr or Mrs Right.

Speak to singletons over the age of 30 and you hear the same mournful refrain: “Most of my friends are married or partnered up and the only single people I meet are workmates.” Add to that the fact that once the carefree 20s are over, lots of things change – with more responsibility at work, there’s less leisure time, mortgages begin to take their toll and fewer carefree parties take place.

"This is a hugely complex job and for me it is a totally unexpected career." Drawing Down the Moon is one of the most established dating agencies, and unlike online dating sites it provides personalised introductions.

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