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Seriously though, who knew that the primary lesbian sex act was standing breast-to-breast, staring at the camera?

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For British television, this is no-holds-barred stuff with "F" and "C" words, and relatively graphic imagery at every turn. She's as likable as always as both Hannah and her late-night alter ego and she makes the most of the relatively light material contained within the script.

I was pleasantly surprised at the bravery of this drama - it doesn't disappoint but despite the sexual gymnastics on display, the series lacks any real erotic content. The beautiful Cherie Lunghi plays Piper's agent, Stephanie, a no-nonsense, straight-talking businesswoman. With this series, Piper has shrugged off the shadow of "Doctor Who"'s Rose and entered a whole new territory.

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We asked single guys, guys who are dating, guys in open and monogamous relationships, and married/civil partnered guys all about the best sex, the worst sex, the most sex, the least sex, what type of sex… “This is the biggest survey that FS has ever carried out,” says Ian Howley, Chief Executive of GMFA.

“I would like to have intimate, loving sex.” “I love sex and get a good amount of satisfying, varied sex,” agrees David, 25 from Belfast.

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