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The funeral service is an important point of closure for those who have suffered a recent loss, often marking just the beginning of collective mourning. It is a time to share memories, receive condolences and say goodbye. Most of the 19 El Cariso crew members who survived were critically burned and remained hospitalized for some time.

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(Four US Marines were also killed on a nearby Camp Pendleton fire on the same day.) El Cariso Hotshot Crews 1 and 2 in October, 1966; crew photos with identification compliments of the El Cariso Hotshot crew website.

Crew 1, October 1966Left to Right, Back: Joel Hill, Steve White, Jay Shilcutt, Steve Bowman, John Verdugo, Bob Chounard Middle: Dan Moore, Rodney Seewald, Bill Waller, Andy Silkwood, Jim Reichard, Jim Mooreland Front: Ed Cosgrove, Jim Brown, John Moore From Crew 1: Joel Hill, Steve White, John Verdugo, Dan Moore, Bill Waller and Jim Mooreland all died from burns they received on the Loop Fire of November 1, 1966.

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Maps Reports WLF Links Media Articles Multimedia Comments Incident Name: Loop Fire, Angeles National Forest Date: 11/1/66Personnel: 12 lives lost Age: Agency/Organization: US Forest Service Position: El Cariso Hotshots Summary: Kenneth Barnhill, 19 Raymond Chee, 23 Frederick Danner, 18 (died sometime after 11/24) John P Figlo, 18 Joel A Hill, 19 Daniel J Moore, 21 James A Moreland, 22 Carl J Shilcutt, 26 (died 11/6) John D Verdugo, 19 William J Waller, 21 Michael R.

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