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Read Full Story Star magazine is reporting that Michael Cera has broken up with his Paper Heart costar and girlfriend of three years, Charlyne Yi.

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It's pretty much a straight re-enactment of a pivotal scene in Dirty Dancing. Yi is a performance artist, musician, writer, painter and actress.

She recently appeared in the 2007 Knocked Up alongside Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl.

In Paper Heart Yi meets up with a director, Nicholas Jasenovec, the films actual director, who’s played by the much more Hollywood-friendly actor Jake M. Along the way, Yi meets Michael Cera—the pretend version of himself—at a party where he creepily knows her name and scopes her out.

At first Yi is completely turned off by Cera’s apparent interest in her but she slowly becomes smitten with Cera’s quirky clumsiness—throughout the film it’s hard to decipher who’s more anxious.

I asked her to sit on a stool and put a blanket over her head for the rest of my set. When did you know this was the person you should get old and fat with? It didn’t dawn onto me ‘til a week later—what the reality of things was and I started crying then.

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