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The matrix age is consistent with Pb–Pb age of 2.6–3.8 Ga of Central African carbonados in the literature, suggesting a close genetic relationship between Brazilian and African carbonados.

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With a supremacy battle between Alikiba and Diamond that has now lasted for more than five years, Queen Darling decided to take sides, backing her brother.

Over the period to date, Alikibas' relationship with Diamond's sister Queen Darling has remained a subject of interest in the Tanzanian showbiz.

The two were best of friends, they used to hang out together, accompanied each other on every occasion and even collaborated in making of several hits then, like Wajua that catapulted them to stardom.

It got to a point that the two; Alikiba and his nemesis' sister, were rumored to be lovers.

STORY: Talk-Radio Pioneer Ben Hoberman Dies at 92 Born Sid Davison in Howard, S. – where his parents owned and published the newspaper -- he attended Louisiana State University, the University of Southern Mississippi and Northwest Missouri State University, where he earned a master’s in English literature.

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