Describe the benefits of validating data on the server am i dating the wrong man

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The Protocol Buffers specification is implemented in various languages: Java, C, Go, etc.

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A date like: "" will, in some countries, be interpreted as 3. Think of the following situation: you order 5 gross of laser printers, instead of 5 laser printers.

With XML Schemas, most of these errors can be caught by your validating software.

For example, installing the base class in the Gem for more details).

When someone asks you to describe the data in your organization, a given system, or a particular database, how often do you answer in terms of storage size, growth rate, the number of tables, or the number of rows?

That service is responsible for validating and escaping data. Push all your logic out to the client and it is fair game for hackers and exploits.

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