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witty, strong-willed, motivated and extremely gorgeous... with an untamable wild streak.” Like mother, like son.

She was also spread across several pages of Playboy's December 2004 issue.

Besides Starship Troopers, Richards' main claim to fame is her marriage to Hollywood bad-boy Charlie Sheen, known for his bouts with cocaine and born-again Christianity and as Heidi Fleiss' best customer.

Today, Nikki insists his parents did the best they could with the tools they were given in life, but it wasn’t always so easy for him to wax poetic about his relationships (or lack thereof) with his mother and father.

While in high school, Nikki was taunted for his eclectic clothing style, a mix of glam and punk rock, which he reacted to with violent retaliation.

Critics have complained that Richards has little acting talent, and gets by on her gorgeous exterior and vacuous posing.

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