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Kyng Chaos QGIS download page More specific instructions about downloading QGIS stable vs QGIS development can be found in All downloads.For testing and learning purposes, a sample dataset is available, which contains collections of data from different sources and in different formats.You must also be prepared for higher internet traffic on your end, as you will need to download the latest versions of packaged software, keep your SUSE system up-to-date and upload your packages onto the Packman FTP server.

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I'm more of a KDE guy myself, but..." -- Tyrell Wellick Fedora can be resumed as minimal, wise and perfectionist.

Latest software, updating through releases work, GNOME Software is tweaked to perfection. Only downside is that this is extremely heavy on resources. Not good at gaming, sometimes frame drops happen but it still playable (your choise / maybe my hardware).

Also added a popup map-chooser window for connecting Postfix to an LDAP or My SQL database.

The current version is QGIS 2.18.11 'Las Palmas' and was released on .

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