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The year was 1969, “Space Oddity” was making a splash, and Angie set them up in a decaying, Gothic mansion, Haddon Hall.Bowie lived there as “a pampered prince.” Angie, eager to play the role of an aspiring rock star’s girlfriend, cajoled him from bed daily with a drawn bath, making sure his every need was attended to.The singer Ava Cherry was sound asleep in her Lincoln Park home on the morning of January 11 when her phone began incessantly chiming and vibrating with alerts. "My heart just sank," recalls Cherry, who was raised in Woodlawn. I don't know why I felt that suddenly because, of course, he was married—but my remembering him from the past was just a flood of fantastic memories.

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In 1969 - the year of his first hit song Space Oddity - Angie helped Bowie move into a crumbling mansion, Haddon Hall in Bromley.

There she catered to his every need, treating him as ‘a pampered prince’ and even running him a bath every morning.

At the same time, Bowie and Angie were working together on his next on-stage and recording persona, the sexually-ambiguous Ziggy Stardust.

Bowie insisted to an interviewer at the time that ‘I’m gay and always have been'.

Was David Bowie merely a sexual adventurer or an actual sex addict?

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