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My first instinct, however, is that the opposite would be true: from a biological standpoint, men should be less attracted to women during menstruation, since it is the time of the month that reproduction is less likely.

If anything, it would seem to make more sense for a man to be attracted to a woman during her fertile time when ovulation takes place, and conception is most probable.

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But the question remains: can a guy even tell when his partner is going through any of these phases?

While there have been a few studies on this topic, one of particular note is from the scientific journal Ethology, called “The Unique Impact of Menstruation on the Female Voice: Implications for the Evolution of Menstrual Cycle Cues.” If the title alone is enough to give you a headache, I’ll summarize the article for you: by taking cues from hormonally-induced changes in the quality, mood, pitch, and speed of his partner’s voice, a man tell when she’s having her period!

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