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Outside of doing the show, he made appearances on everything from “The Sinbad Show” to “Moesha,” and the movie Source: Reed Hall I loved Rose!She was probably the most friendly resident at 227, and is classified as a “friend to all.” She was a single mom trying to play the dating field, and she also had the chance to be the building landlord.

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Datingcutie com

For a number of straying celebs, their cheating has served them well.

Despite getting trashed in the tabloids, there are many couples that have come out of the fire with a lasting relationship.

Tonya is still dating cutie Trevore, but Tonya isn’t’ sure if he’s “Mr. Right now.” Briana and Christy have become BFFs since Christy’s wedding.

When celebrities get caught cheating, media outlets are merciless. But there’s a difference between Tiger Woods-style infidelity and when a person cheats because they think they found their soulmate.

Christy and Todd are actively trying to get pregnant and after a night of horizontal gymnastics, he treats her to a tasty breakfast in bed.

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