Dating yairi guitars

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Approximately 143 guitars were made during this period.The first guitars with A-frame bracing and the dolphin voicing profiles were made in 1976 and in many ways have established the Lowden guitar’s distinctive and unique sound. “What is now called the O25 [L25]had arrived, along with another three models all of the same shape, bracing and simple cosmetics.I was happy with the voicing of the bracing, craftsmanship, general design and most of all, tone, of these guitars.” Guitars are built under License from George Lowden by the S Yairi, Nagoya workshops, Japan Guitars with this label were built between 1980-1985 in a small Japanese workshop under license to George Lowden. In 1980, our Swiss dealer asked George if he could source a small and expert company to make his guitars under license, so they would be more widely available.

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Browse around and enjoy yourself; check out some old favorite guitars and amps, find out more about the history of some true American originals: the Silvertone line of musical instruments and electronics, marketed by the Sears & Roebuck Company for over half a century.

From before WWII right on through the rockin' fifties, the trippy sixties, and part of the solid seventies, Silvertone was there with well-designed, affordable and just supremely cool guitars and amps, acoustic, folk and other instruments, sleek, contemporary, sometimes funky designs in home electronics, and a host of other products that have made Silvertone more than just a word: it's a way of life.

I learned about Japanese craftsmanship and their serious approach to work.

I found the folk I worked with to be honourable and courteous, and I had the greatest of respect for their hard work and excellent guitars. Ireland 1985 As a result of the rampant fashion of this era for all things electronic in music, sales of acoustic instruments slumped worldwide.

Louis Music Supply Company was originally founded in 1922 by Bernard Kornblum as a violin shop. The online subscription contains the entire database of the current Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers.

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