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The Stanley Rule and Level company was formed in the late 1850's and began their business producing a line of folding rules and general hardware in New Britain Conn..

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Vintage tools by other makers or even those made by Stanley and marketed by other firms will be found both on this page and on other pages on this site.

If you are looking for something specific use the search feature found on the right, or ask as I may have it or can point you toward it.

By Joshua Farnsworth Precision is the major key to success in woodworking with hand tools.

But, just like with all the other hand tool categories, it can be a bit overwhelming to understand all the different tools and gauges for laying out, marking, & measuring: mortise gauges, marking gauges, rules, squares, dividers (compass), panel gauges, etc. It’s also confusing to know what you should buy and what you should NOT buy.

These vintage & antique woodworking as well as their other vintage tools are a favorite with both users and collectors today.

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